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fantasma magic kits for sale

I am constantly asked what Magic Kit I would recommenced;

It's finally here! Someone put the ultimate tricks together, in one set! Tip Over Trunk, Die Box, Arm Twister, Die Penetration, Bizarre Bubble, Svengali Deck and a whole lot more totaling 200 tricks in all! You can actually perform an entire kid show using only the items within this awesome magic set!

This deluxe set comes with 200 tricks, 60 minute instructional DVD for some of the effects with film footage of Houdini & other legends of magic as well.

  • The Tip Over Trunk works great and folds completely flat! Can also be used as a performance table.
  • The Die Box is made of durable plastic, so it weighs less than the wooden models.
  • The Arm Twister works just like the head twister but folds completely flat!
  • Bizarre Bubble "solid bubble trick" is made right! The bubble wand is short which attaches to the lid, and the bubble looks real!

All the props are easy to use . The set comes with an easy to understand book of instructions that explains over 200 effects! this normally sells for about $90, I was able to buy a bunch of these for $60 which I sell as a courtesy to my customers at the same ($60). THANK YOU

Extreme Magic Kits are available now - Contact Mickey with your request, 831-475-4311, then Pay via PayPal

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