One day in 1969, (a very, very long time ago)  Mickey was attending a service on High Street in Santa Cruz, California when he realized that the speaker's voice was very, very familiar. Mickey knew that voice, he was sure of that, but he didn't know that face at all!

  All of a sudden, the man with the familiar voice performed a magic trick, and Mickey KNEW!!  Mickey KNEW who it was!!!

It was Hocus Pocus!!!!
   Wonderful, Magical, Hocus Pocus!!

  Hocus Pocus was a beloved Clown Magician, performing for children everywhere - why, he even had his own television show!

  Mickey watched Hokey do another trick, and guess what? Mickey saw HOW the trick was done!  

Holy Guacamole!!

     Mickey was SO excited, but he was very, very quiet, he didn't shout out rudely or laugh with excitement, he just went home and practiced that trick over and over again.

   The very next time Mickey saw Hocus Pocus, Mickey waited until he could speak quietly with Hokey, and said to him, "I saw how you did that trick last week, I practiced and practiced until I could do it too. Could you please watch me do it to see if I've got it right?"

   Well, Hokey was very happy that Mickey hadn't been rude and shouted out, that he was so very polite and learned how to do the trick by himself.   Hokey watched Mickey do the trick, and said yes, he did get it right!   Mickey was very happy, but the best was yet to come!!

   Hocus Pocus asked Mickey if he'd like to learn MORE magic!

   Mickey was going to be Hocus Pocus' Apprentice!

Now wasn't that exciting?

   Hokey lived nearby Mickey, isn't that amazing?   So, every day for the next five years, Mickey helped Hocus Pocus with chores, learned all sorts of magic tricks and became a very dear friend too.   

  Mickey grew into a fine Magician, and set out on his own.

  Mickey went to Mexico, to learn special skills from Caroline Myss, and traveled to many small villages, far, far away. The people of the villages were amazed at Mickey's Magic, they had never seen anything like Mickey's Magic before - ever! The people said that he was 'Barujo' which means Shaman, or Witch Doctor, can you imagine that?

   Mickey had many adventures while in Mexico, and came home with new tricks, special healing knowledge, and the love of sharing his magic with special people - just like you!

   Mickey has performed his special magic at big parties, little parties, First Night, Art and Wine Festivals, and for thousands of happy children. Mickey has even had command performances for religious leaders and heads of state!   Whew!    It makes Mickey so very happy to bring his special magic fun to everyone!

  As Mickey began working his Magic for people everywhere, he learned more and more about children with life threatening diseases - and he wanted to help. With his good friends LuLu the Clown and Samuel Schoonover, Mickey began a special club to teach magic to children with life threatening illnesses and their brothers and sisters too! It is called the Magic Pack! Every week they would learn a new trick, and when they had learned enough, they all went to children's hospitals and gave shows!

     Wasn't that wonderful?

  Lots of people helped with the club and the shows, and everyone had fun!

     Is there Magic in a name? Yes!

  Everybody has a name, but how do you suppose Mickey found his? Names are pretty special you know, they don't just grow on trees like puppies do. Someone very, very special gives you your name.     

     Guess who gave Mickey Magic his name?

  Well, it was the Magic Pack Kids - really! Mickey Magic used to be plain old Mickey, and he performed Mickey's Magic. Well the Pack Kids would follow him around saying "Mickey Magic, Mickey Magic, show me how this works Mickey Magic!" Mickey would say, no, no just call me Mickey, but the Pack didn't listen at all. Nope, the Kids just kept calling him Mickey Magic, Mickey Magic, Mickey Magic - all of the time! Well, children, Mickey thought to himself, "If the Magic Pack Kids think that's my name - they must be right!" and he's been Mickey Magic ever since!

  So now dear children, you know how Mickey got his magic and his name, and why he loves to share!

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