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How to place an order.

 When you find an item that you would like to purchase use the contact us form above to send us:
1. The item number(s).
2.  Your address.  

When we receive this we will contact you to confirm and give you a total amount due including estimated shipping.

We do ship internationally.

We ask for your patience in returning emails.  It is a very busy time for us.  I promise we will get back to you.

**In the case that more than one person enquires about the same item or items, these item(s) will be sold to the first person that sends the first enquiry about the item.

**No items will be held for later purchase.

*All items are one of a kind.  The item pictured will be the item that you receive.


**If you want Mickey to help you pick your Andara we will need additional information from you.**

1.  Your budget for the purchase.

2.  Any areas of your life or issues that your are working on or focusing on at this moment.

3.  If there are any colors that you are drawn to at this moment.

Please understand if you do request this help it will take a bit for us to get back to you.