About Andaras

About Andaras

Andaras are very personal, they choose you! I’ve been the Andara adopting entity for over 25 years. For the folks who are not able to visit and personally choose an Andara, I choose for them—I’m your proxy. For some Magical reason, I’ve been able to remotely tune-in to the most appropriate piece for that person at that time. While the pieces you see on other sites that you can instantly purchase may be only 50% tuned into your growth needs, I’ll be tuning into those needs on a much higher level because I hold the integrity of the need.

Please know, this is the ONLY place to purchase Andaras from Nellie’s Sacred Land! I invite you to browse through my site to learn more about her.



‘Elders were the first Andaras found on Nellie’s Land almost 50 years ago.’

 They are a Beautiful high vibrational, Monoatomic Earth Tool.  They carry a unique Grounding property that is very helpful in Manifesting (in bringing Higher Guidance into form).  Elders are found on top of the ground in the forest on Nellie’s Land.  We are not allowed to mine/dig them from the land as they need to stay there in the ground “to seed the earth.”  They consist of various shapes, sizes and colors.