Authentic Andaras sourced directly from Lady Nellie’s sacred land
Authentic Andaras sourced directly from Lady Nellie’s sacred land
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I’ve been the Andara adopting entity for over 20 years.
For the folks who are not able to come and personally choose an Andara, I choose for them, I’m your proxy.

For some Magical reason, I’ve been able to remotely tune in to the most appropriate piece for that person at that time. The pieces you see on other sites that you can instantly purchase, may be only 50% tuned into your growth needs, I’ll be tuning into those needs on a much higher level because I hold the integrity of the need.

Please know, this is the ONLY place to purchase Andaras from Nellie's Sacred Land!

The Andaras that I’m familiar with exist in only in two places; one is in the Sierras on Nellie’s property, the other is in a small sector in South Africa, which are not available as of yet because they are on a high profile diamond mine property with very high security. – Mickey

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